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Smart Fever Clothing Leading The New Trend Of Future Clothing

Balance Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2016

Intelligence and information are two notable signs in the Internet age, both of them directly affect the development of the Internet age level of development processes. Intelligent level directly reflects the development level of science and technology of our time. Can be expected, in the near future, our life will be intelligent and inextricably linked. Intelligent clothing most closely associated with us in the development of this new round of smart, will play the first role and development trend of future clothing. Hangzhou White bear technologies launched Papa intelligent heating service will lead to spontaneous heating intelligent industry trends.
The rapid spread of mobile terminals, the Papa bear smart heat service provides unprecedented market. As Smartphone popularity speed accelerates, smart-phone users in China are also in a State of rapid development. According to incomplete statistics show, smart-phone users in China has exceeded 500 million, these users with market potential is immeasurable. Mobile hardware and chip upgrades speed of, replacement of the application software upgrades, data transmission speed enables users attached to this data and equipment are in a State of rapid development, intelligent twin from the fever clothing will therefore gain unprecedented market, such a huge market size will give the future intelligent heating service promotion to provide very substantial market. In addition, the clothing industry is a near qianyiji market in our country, extending from the intelligent heating service will be provided for the development of the industry as a possibility, and this will become an important breakthrough for the future development of the industry.

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